Up early + in a snit about last night – Dick off without speaking. I called Julia Mullen. Made a cassoulet – called Hoffmeister cabinets for Doug Mempa + spoke with owner Howard Ruppré who told me he’d talk to him if I sent him in. Called Doug who seemed very pleased + would get right out there. I did laundry – called Alice Turner, called Gloria Marshall’s Julia called me back finally + will wire $5,000 to my account. Luckily there’s alot of cash on hand. This will cover the payroll + any emergencies [crossed out words] + give us a little leeway. Dick home + off again but things okay + he waved goodbye from the truck. Bill Blackmer over to do the lawn. I threw away flowers, cleaned the chest out took out garbage. At about 2 – I went to Child Haven – said goodbye to Karen – gave her a wallet + told Linda that I had to stop coming for a little while as the job project was taking too much time. Went to see Bill Carlos + got more applications + a list of employers – met a girl there (should have gotten her name but didn’t) who told me the Huntridge Theatre was looking for girls. Went back to the office + called Joni Marie Sandlin + told her to get over there – Also gave her the Orange Julius information. Joined Dick + Bill Muir at the bar next door for a couple of drinks – talking about ways to make money + cut costs. Dick took me to see the Grossi pool on Florence + the Russell’s across the way. Came home had dinner + went to bed.

Letter from Anne Cleveland today – she can’t find Mother’s journal which really upsets me –