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Up early. Dick off to look at some jobs. I wrote Colby a Birthday card (Special Delivery with credit on electric bill as gift) and another card with Alaria insurance bill. Sent $10 to Indian Affairs Fund. Dick home shaved + showered + dressed for court. Left at 9:30. I went to the cleaners + bought groceries went to the bank. Bid Bad mixup. Gary had brought the money over yesterday + left it with Shaefer’s sect’y. Nothing on envelope to say where the money came from + Gary said nothing. Ergo – Shaefer didn’t open it until this morning. As the restraining order was continued as of yesterday afternoon we can’t do a damn thing with those checks now. Hell Hell Hell. Came home after calling Shirley. Dick called + John had been lying all morning. One good thing – he’d lied about signing a lease on the office across the Hall + we had an initialed copy in the files which Murray rushed down there. First real triumph. I got all dressed up to have lunch with Dick + Murray was there which disappointed me terribly. Couldn’t help it. Nothing left but the summing up They went over to Court + I played 21. Won – free + clear – $40 – Dick + I had a drink. No decision today + now won’t be any til Friday as O’Donnell goes to Eely for 2 days. Paul Grube hadn’t put the light in Shirley’s pool so Dick + I went home with her. Had to call Jack to use his snake. He + Joyce had been out drinking rather than go home. They came over + Joyce was a little smashed. We went to the Jungle Club for dinner + margaritas. [crossed out letters] Dick gave Shirley the key to the car to drive home + she didn’t want to go home by herself so I said I’d drive her home. Dick told me I was a pain in the ass + smashed – (I was drunk but have been alot worse) made my day. Took Shirley home + came back here by 11:00 Dick not home.