Francis Butterworth in court but couldn’t chat – needless to say.

Depressing day. Up early. Dick took Annie off to the Rocking Horse Ranch at 7:30 on his way to the office + that was the last I saw of her. Washed hair + went to the office + on to Mel Close’s. Dick in court this morning Murray, Shirley and I played cards. All of us with alot of better things to do. Jerry left Shirley last night and I feel so so sorry for her along with all the extra work she’s had to do. I don’t see how she can manage – I really don’t. Court recessed at noon – We went to the Golden Nugget for lunch – Dick, Murray, Shirley + I. Then back to Mel Close’s. His sect’y Diane made an egregious (?) error in handing out uncorrected copy of the by-laws so that the corrected copy (which was ours originally) now looks like like a post facto amendment. Went to Court in the afternoon. I wasn’t called. Shirley an excellent witness. Dick made a very good impression I felt but was carried away into misstatements. Murray was rattled + unprepared. – (Mel Close’s fault.) John lied repeatedly but convincingly. I loathe that man. I’m not going to court tomorrow – on Dave’s advice. If Judge MacDonnel goes in favor of Galane then we’ll take it from there on the stock transfer. I came home with really bad stomach pains + depressed beyond words. Lay down + slept + Dick home later – made soup then started on the vodka until he fell asleep in the rocker where I found him when I woke at 11:30, He’s gone to bed. I just wrote Daddy + am writing this at 1:30 am – Alice Turner called – I’d missed the meeting today – of course.