We were up around 8 o’clock – I fixed eggs + bacon + orange danish rolls. Dick off to deliver some tile. Back at 9 just as Annie was getting up. A lovely bright day but windy. Called Bill at [crossed out letters] ten/thirty and he’d thought maybe it was too windy but was “game for anything.” Ross Linebaugh came over + had coffee then Bill got here – Bill, Dick, Annie + I left the house about noon for Nelson’s landing. Got there around one – Some trouble getting Bill’s boat down – had to borrow Chief Crazy Coyote’s pickup + trailer hitch. Then couldn’t get large motor started as someone had stolen a battery cable (?) But finally got little motor going put-putted up the river towards Willow Beach. Glorious day. After several hours Bill had the idea of trying hand crank on big motor + we shot ahead like a torpedo. Got to Willow Beach + back by 5:40! Called Joyce from Nelson but she’d already gone to the house to put the lamb in the oven. We got home about 7:15 – Lamb + potatos [potatoes] on. We set up the poker table. I put on a Christmas tablecloth + we dragged out the chairs. Dick called all around the place but still not clear about concrete for tomorrow. The Cement finishers have gotten a huge raise but the operations + drivers may still be in the balance. Jack + Joyce here about 8:15 – we ate at 9 – Good dinner + very funny on the subject of Jack’s grandchildren. Bill limped off at 10 – (he’d twisted his ankle yesterday) + J + J soon after – Bed for us all about 11:00. Happy day – court tomorrow.