Dick off around 7:30 – I did dishes and about 3 loads of wash. Got to thinking about my applicants + Randy Doran in particular. Feel that Focus might be very good for him so called Richard Blacker of Vista + “Us.” + got a few particulars. I went shopping. Bought a too tight pair of slacks $44 worth of groceries. Also some cards. Came home + wrote Busy Cleveland whose birthday is Monday. Dick home + took it to mail when he got the truck washed. I wrote Norman Poser + sent Bill Wellborne $10 and his check for $300 to Jerry MacGruddy, Paid Mortgage on Lookout. Took out garbage and ironed some dresses. We had a nice ham dinner + went to bed at 7:30 + watched Jackie Gleason. Slept til 12:45. I got up + was fixing coffee when the phone rang and it was Annie who’d gotten an earlier plane. Drove to the airport + while there mailed my letters. We came back to the house + chatted til about 3 am – Dick stayed in bed but came to [crossed out letter] when we tiptoed out to the library – Annie to bed + we made love + went back to sleep. Annie loves the house. Said “it’s the nicest place you’ve ever lived – except maybe when you were little.” And I think it is.

“It’s been moved + seconded that we waive the minutes of the last meeting” – hysterical cartoon in the New Yorker.