Up at 6 and started typing up triplicate copies of employer’s forms. Finished them all – Got a few calls made. Went with TV table, a few magazines, typewriter + information to the office. Got there at 9:15. Annabel there at 9:45 + Dorothy about 10. I had three interviews today – Doug Mempa, 19, who wants to do woodworking, Mike Long, 15, who goes to Focus + wants to be a Vet some day and Randy Doran who doesn’t seem to know what he wants. Dorothy had 2 interviews + Annabel one + a no-show. Think we accomplished something – at least got a little organized. Shirley over to say Mel Close had called + next hearing is at 9:15 Monday – shoots Annie’s visit to pieces and also the guild meeting. We all parted company about one-thirty. Next get together [crossed out letters] on Tuesday. I started to go to Child Haven + bogged down. Had a sandwich + then went by ABC woodworking + Western Wood Work to see about job possibility. Left name + number. Had meant to go to Hoffmeister cabinets where Doug had worked before being busted but got lost so will call. Went to Pet Town + talked with Mr. Anton about Mike Long. He said he’d call me. Came home – about 4:30 or so. Very tired. Called Annie who said she’d go riding on Monday. Was going to see Mary this eve. I’d just gotten 2 great blouses from Mary so told Annie to say I loved them. Jack + Joyce came over at 7:30 for a couple of drinks. They’re going nuts with Jack’s daughter there + her 2 kids. We had roast beef sandwiches after + went to bed.