Busy day – up early. [crossed out words]. Dick off about 7:30. Called Annabel + Dorothy + a couple of kids for appointments Randy Doran + Mike Long. Couple of applications had no numbers. Went to “Breakfast at the Boulevard. Sat after some mix up with Alice + Hazel Clancy (Pat Turner’s Mother) + Cathleen Cochrane w/daughter at Elaine’s table. Spoke with Hostess Anne Hall + I can mention the job finding project next show. And her husband, Eddie Hall will put me on his program. I tied for the tongue twister again. Another pair of Pantyhose. Went to Sears, Singers, Woolworths, Jax Music Box, Orange Julius, Julies. Lerners + Penney’s, [crossed out words] in the Blvd. + talked with personnel people. A few possibilities. Next stop Safeway where I talked with Charlotte the district Mgrs. secretary + got an application form. Also got [crossed out letter] one from Dick Deviggens. Bought groceries. Came home. Took checks + credit reports to the office. There are all sorts of alarming rumors about strikes. They told Shirley + me at the bank that John had been in yesterday – is going to put out a new restraining order. God damn him. Went to Child Haven with the blanket + some bags for Charlene + Loretta – Veda very upset. They leave tomorrow – Karen leaves on the 4th. Went to probation + then discovered I’d left the two job applications without numbers somewhere. I think at the bank with the credit report on John. Home. Bill Muir + Dale Alexander for dinner – pleasant evening. Asked Bill if we could go out in his boat Sunday with Annie + he said great. That should be fun.