Horrible stupid nerve wracking day. Took Dick over to Denny’s at 6:30 to get the truck. Came back + washed hair + made up + dressed becomingly. Dick home + showered + shaved + off together like Suburban young marrieds to the office. Murray + Shirly there + ready to go. Went to Mel Close’s office. Sat + sat + sat. Mel didn’t want us to go to court until he called us. I was upset + said Dave had told me to come + that I’d hired him as my lawyer. Mel went over. Dave called us + said to sit tight. We had some coffee went to the bathroom 20 times. Mel back at 10:30 + told us to show up at 2:30 as it had been put off. Saw Mort Galane on the way out. Came home. Dick stopping by at a few jobs – Bill Carlos called with a name of a kid looking for a job – Doug Mempa – gave him an appt for 10 on Friday. Took a nap. Didn’t sleep but lay still for an hour. Did dishes + dressed + went back to office then Back to Mel Close’s. So much new stuff. John had a so called budget for $29,000.00. He exceeded this by $22,000!! The amount of money gone is appalling. We may never recover. Dick + Mel went to court – Murray bought some cards + we were just about to play when they returned. Galane had said he needed a whole day so it’s all been postponed. Mel feels we should offer a settlement. Said he’d told John he’d “never find another Patsy like Patience again.” Somehow that killed me as I’d been so against John from the very beginning. I was in tears. We went over to see Dave + I felt a little better. Galane made an offer of $15,000 to Dick plus the $54,000 for the note. Dave is going to accept it. Said he’d call Galane + Mel + for us to call him tomorrow. Went to Safeway + got chinese dinners Came home had a few drinks, finished up + washed the blanket which is darling + went to bed at 7:30. Jack quit his job today to work for Dick.