4 hrs.

Felt a little hungover all morning. Dick off + I paid bills – Power service, phone, Mr. Mendoza Florist + Alaria electricity. Called Annabel + then Eva. Left house about 10. Went down + picked up the Carey report. It’s a lulu. Took copy over to Mary Abbatangelo. Stopped at Poodle Parlor to see how Lolita’s doing + met Mrs. Armstrong who’s a gem. Picked up copies of interview form + went over to office. Dorothy Beagle waiting + Annabel there right after. We put up some more posters + went over more survey results. Think Dorothy will be very good for us. Had lunch at Macayo Vegas, back to office. 2 interviews – Jacqueline Basped + Mother and Joni Marie Sandkin + Father. We three will meet again Friday. No school So will open office from 10 – 2:00. I went + picked up credit check went over to Dave’s. He’s planning to put me on the stand + ask what I had learned about John – went back to office + Dick + I came home via Safeway. Had Roast beef dinner + a few drinks. Made some phone calls re John. Called Shirley who had just discovered that John had made advances to Linda too. She’s going to file a complaint with the D.A’s office. Enlightening talk with Naida Ormand. that guy has to end up behind bars. On info received from Shirley I phoned the I.R.S. today + reported him for not having filed income tax returns for 2 years.