Everything going on is a bit too much. Tired + hungover but still feel optimistic. Got papers together for Dave. Spoke with Annabel, set up one appointment for tomorrow. Made alot of calls – Don’t have – any jobs to offer at the moment. Drew up an application – took it to Pronto Print for 200 copies. Went to Hatche’s + bought waste baskets + ashtrays Got posters at the unique Boutique Worked on blanket. We put a credit check on John. Bad Bad Bad. Went to Mel Close’s with Shirley + the stock was made over to me. Went to Carey investigations + Carl Smith (who seemed beautiful to me today) had come up with some lulus. Evidently there are several warrants for John’s arrest on embezzlement which are being held in the D.A’s office pending the outcome of the ICC trial (which won’t be until September) but Dave can subpoenae the records (I hope he does). Martha’s statement at Juvenile was that he’d been having intercourse with her for 2 years, Jesus. Went then to Dave’s. He’s got a plan + good reason for my putting the acceleration clause in effect. “A change of credit risk” – We went over to Jack + Joyce’s + had a fifth quart of vodka. Joyce gave me a beautiful summer robe + an orange purse and 2 books of blue chip green stamps. I could have cried. Came home had a meatloaf sandwich, a nightcap + went to bed. Paul Grube is plastering a pool tomorrow + one deck is completed. Shirley’s was supposed to be done tomorrow but there’s a change in forms.