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Newcomb + Anne over a little after 9 – coffee + rolls + listened to a little Flip Wilson – then took them to the airport. Such a nice visit. Bought groceries. Came home + made love + napped. Went down to the office at 12:30. John came with Mort Galane. Meeting in Murray’s office 7 of us including Mel Close + Mort Galoot with cigar. Awful man. Told Dick he was trying to get his hands on the bank acct. Objected to everything beginning with the minutes of the last meeting. John smug + serene. I guess little things like incest + federal charges don’t get to him. So glad we have Dave in this. Shirley + I go to see Mel tomorrow at 4 and then to Dave’s “to plan strategy” Came home + called Dave. Bruce + Ida came over around 3 o’clock + stayed for an hour or so. Jimmy Judge came by. Pleasant afternoon. Dale Alexander called about 5 + had found a room. Asked him out for dinner + Dick invited Bill Muir. Drinks + meatloaf dinner very funny evening and I felt extremely happy about things in general. They start decking tomorrow + hopefully Paul Grube will get a pool plastered for us on Tuesday. Went to bed about eleven.