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Here I am 39 years old and really quite happy. Had a very pleasant day despite hangover. Flowers came from Dick – beautiful red roses + the same only smaller from Mom + Cassie + George and then some lovely spring flowers from “H.B. + G.G.P”!!! Annie called + we had a lovely chat + I talked with Alice Turner who’d sent a telegram. Laid out the Child Haven blanket which looks quite pretty + crocheted around a few last squares. Dick was home at noon and a little crochety at first but soon over it – We made love + napped + then I went over to the Dunes + sunned with Newcomb + Anne. Went in the pool + loved it. We went to the Blvd + Anne got alot of things at Hatches Hallmark + we went to B Dalton’s where Elaine + “The Dalton Gang” sang Happy Birthday to me + gave me a lovely (3rd time) little book “To be Nobody Else” – At Anne’s prodding I bought a book called “The Sensuous Woman” – + WOW! Newcomb bought me a statue of 3 owls for a gift + it couldn’t be more appropriate for our house. We went over to Circus Circus for a while + then back to the Dunes where we separated. Came home + napped + then met at 10 o’clock at the Desert Inn. Had a perfect dinner complete with sparkling burgundy + went to see “[crossed out letter] “Pzazz 60.” What a show. Really Spectacular. Tottered home at 2:30 + fell into bed. A very nice Birthday.