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Up early Dick out early. Finished Karen’s slippers finished crocheting around squares – Did laundry Wrote Timmy w/check after calling to chat. Went to the bank + deposited money + then got all the payroll checks and the checks for bills – some $8,000 (over) worth. Bought groceries while the bank was making them out. Took them to the office + came home. Lay down for a brief nap. Walt Jenkins stopped by out of the blue which was pleasant. Only stayed long enough to show Eva’s new car a “Scout” – Jeep-type affair – + have a cup of coffee. I went down to Child Haven. Embroidered an L on a square while there. Had a good time with the kids as always but tired. Home at 4:30 or 5:00. Dick shortly after. I was taking a nap when Newcomb + Anne drove up out of the blue. I was in tears fleetingly but changed into robe + after a drink felt up to it all. Newcomb had driven around with Dick today + was very impressed with the pool set up. It was a good day when everyone was “in their proper place + doing what they ought to do.” We went to dinner – on Dick – at the top of the Landmark tower + had a good time. I drank too much or at least it hit me hard. Left Newcomb + Anne about eleven o’clock – they were going to a midnight show. We stopped at the Valley Bar.

Shirley gave me a beautiful birthday cake with a pool on it + Dick gave me a very pretty dress.