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Called Elaine at 7:15 to say I couldn’t come to the show today – woke her of course. Spoke with Alice – went to Mel Close’s office at 9:00. Got so damned depressed I was in tears. All so vague – this stock transfer “won’t hold up.” John could be reinstated – Good God – Drove blindly back to office + had coffee with Shirley – Then decided to call Dave Abbatangelo – got an appointment for noon. Went over + told him the whole story + told him I wanted him to be my lawyer. After all Mel Close can’t represent me as [crossed out letters] the lender + All Star pools – Don’t know what Dave can do but felt a million times better. Went + found Dick on Florence St + told him + he was delighted. Really + truly overjoyed. Came home – Wendy cleaning today this week because of Newcomb + Anne. I cleaned up the most enormous amount of papers + stuff – Will I ever get caught up? [crossed out words] Back down to Mel Close’s office. Told him I’d hired Dave which he already knew. He seemed to approve – not that I care. We’re to call a meeting of the Board for Sunday at 12:30 in the office + elect [crossed out word] an Asst Sec’ty so that she (Shirley) can sign over the stocks to me. Back to office. Shirley sent out a wire to John. Came home + dressed + we went to meet Newcomb + Anne. [crossed out letters] Brought them back here for a drink + to see the house + then took them to the Dunes. We had supper there (they’d had two on the plane.) Dick + Anne chatted while Newcomb + I played a little 21. Left even at 10:30 – So tired.