Finished the slippers for Charlene + Loretta – went over to Sprouse Reitz + found gift boxes (so small only one slipper in each) + wrappings. Also Thank you card for Mrs. Judge + Congratulations for Lolita Decker. Spoke with Julia Mullen early in the day and with Annabel. Went to Child Haven at 11 + met Annabel there. The children delighted with slippers + card + wrapping. The whole family – Vida + Annette + Billy-Jo all dressed up to the pink + looking darling. Went over to see Bill Carlos + picked up more applications + then went to office + made plans + went over available material. All still so vague. Annabel has another woman though who sounds promising – a Dorothy Beagle. We parted about 2:30. Today the interest payment was due on my note and not paid. As of midnight the stock is mine. (Mel Close of course says it won’t stand up but at least it’s a move.) I decided to embroider initials on the childrens’ squares for the ones who’d done more than six for me. Karen, Charlene, Debby + Loretta. Got three of them done. wrote Mrs. Judge + Lolita Decker. George Jr. called tonight + DickĀ promised him a job. Don’t see how in conscience he can but there it is. Slight discussion – bed earlyish. Newcomb + Anne tomorrow night