Jessie’s Birthday –

Joyce’s Birthday –

Well – today was quite a day. Jack had thought the tale of John’s trouble might be a set up. Called Shirley + learned a little more – it’s a charge of incest! Incredible tale – he’d locked her up in the house all weekend – ugh – Shirley spoke with Jim Carmany. Charges won’t be pressed as they feel it would be more harmful to Martha than him to have to testify. Called Carey investigations + said we’d heard Martha had been taken out of his custody + to look into it. Called Auto Leasing + got name from Walt of a recovery man Gene Bigelow. Called + after long series of calls hither + yon it developed he can’t repossess the Cadillac as its paid until June 1st + the Bank (legal owner) won’t authorize it. And we don’t have a set of keys – nor is there another set of keys available. Called Jessie + had a gay chat – went to Child Haven. Went to Ward’s + bought a hair dryer for Joyce. Took pie to Alice’s. Went to bank. Went to office. Came home – message from Mrs. Decker that Lolita had gotten a job at the poodle parlor. Was so happy. Good news. We took the dryer over to Jack + Joyce’s + had a good visit. Needless to say they were stunned + disgusted at the latest news. The dryer a great success. Came home + had a ham dinner Dick disappeared just as I was putting it on the table. I was furious. Later developed he’d gone + jammed 2 keys in the cadillac doors + broke them off. Newcomb called while Dick was out + scared me to pieces by saying he was at the corner gas station – they’d come in early – Ha Ha. They’re coming Thursday night. George Jr. called for Dick too. Will call back tomorrow. Julia Mullen called today + she’ll call back too.