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My first time to be “served”

Called Annabel about the office. Dick + Bill Muir back at the house around 8:30. John had shown up at a job with a new set of plans for the diggers – several thousand dollars difference next event of the day. Shirley called to say a man had come (accompanied by John) with papers for Dick + Murray. Next a knocking at the door + papers for me!!! Dick drove up simultaneously + saw John in the guy’s car in our driveway + told him to get the hell off our property or he’d shoot him. The papers accuse [crossed out letters] us of spending money recklessly + not living up to our contracts + put a restraining order on the bank accts. No checks to be signed without the written permission of John Carpenter. Ho Ho Ho. I guess that means they can’t make out the interest payment then. Too bad. I went over to Shirley’s tax office to pick up some folding chairs + the ford broke down once again. This time it’s the alternator. Took a cab in to town for the appt. with Mel Close. Dick + Murray both there + neither had brought the summons! Luckily I did. We’re going to put out a restraining order on John for interfering with jobs + are going to challenge the amt of the bond. We then went to a sleazy detective agency to get background on John + then to the office – Lolita Decker + Mother waiting. Completely disorganized – I gave her 2 names – Pet Town + The Poodle Parlor (had called them both + asked them to expect her) + a little pep talk about interviews. Gas station about car + to pick up chairs then we went to J + J’s after eating, making a pie for Alice + finishing slippers. Shirley called as we were leaving with strange tale of detectives after John + Martha taken to Child Haven – “bad trouble” – We got drunk at J + J’s –