32 3/4

The day that nothing happened –

Dick off early. I crocheted around squares, wrote diary, wrote Cassie – Alice called. I called Annabel Called Julia Mullen who wasn’t there. Talked with Shirley who said papers were going to be served today. John had stopped by her place last night. Called Mildred Hacht who gave me the names for the Mint connection but said she doubted if they’d like minors in + out + I guess she’s right. Wendy over around 10:15 – We talked a bit. I went shopping at 11:15 – picked up some more wool + a lovely pork roast for dinner. Came home to find Jimmy Judge here. flew back this am. Had had a dull time in N.Y. no word from his son til yesterday + that confused. Told him about John Carpenter + he said “He must be smoking the same stuff my boy’s on.” Asked him to dinner. Went down to Child Haven. Had a good day there – worked with some new children + my regulars. Karen very high highstrung today. Loretta not too knitting-happy. Debbie left. Was there about 2 hrs and a half. Came back to the store at 4 – nothing had happened at all. Everyone had been paid. No trouble. More pools sold. No business to speak of in shop. About $35 all day. Went over an invoice for Shirley. Came home. Fixed dinner + we lay down for a little. House looked great. Jimmy over at 6:30. Good dinner + nice evening. Jimmy’s got a deal going back East that he’s not too anxious to get into. I suggested he see Murray about selling pools. I think he’d be very good at it if he wanted to. He left at 9:30 + we went to bed + watched Love American Style. Had been so keyed up for today’s non-existent events –