[crossed out numbers] 30 1/2

Bill Muir over at 6:15 – Had coffee – Like him. Wind up so they decided not to shoot today but get things organized. I worked on typing out job cards + then went over to the Blvd. for Breakfast. Sat at Elaine’s table + was introduced as a celebrity! Ho Ho Ho. Alice Turner won a drawing or something and was made “Lady Boulevard” – w/orchid + candy + necklace. All very gay. It’s a new radio show. Went over to the Bank of Nevada + talked with Glen Walquist. John had been by yesterday afternoon late + told Jim Schaefer they’d be “in trouble” if they let any checks be drawn without his signature. I went to the Bank of Las Vegas + saw Jack Kiser. John had been there too. Got down to the office + we went over to the Bank of Nevada there. John had been by but we didn’t see Mr. Folger til afterwards. Dick + I had lunch at Lum’s + then with Shirley went to Mr. F. Showed him the minutes of the meeting and the demand note for $54,000 etc + had John’s name taken off the acct. Learned there that Morton Galane is his lawyer. Home via the banks. Was so tired I took a nap. Then started back on typing cards Couldn’t finish + got in a big fluster. Went to see Dr. Cassesse who let me go through more surveys. Then went to his class + met Dan Raney. He’s going to come to the house Saturday morning. I took more notes + came home about 9 – had a sandwich + drink + we watched some TV. We’re both exhausted with all the doings. Mel Close told us this evening that he’d seen John who told him he had the [crossed out numbers] 54,000.00 He has not been contacted about the offer by John or Mort Galane – I sort of wish Dave Abbatangelo was in on this too.