C.H. [crossed out numbers] 28

Could barely get up today – no hangover – just plain tired. Up at 6:00 – Dick off at 6:30 – Did Dishes + several loads of laundry. Washed hand knit socks. Caught up diary. Talked with Shirley – John’s gotten another lawyer + is going to stop Dick from doing business (?) Called Mel Close. John hadn’t contacted him. Read “The Diary of A.N.” liked it alot. Dick home + we made love which had me really exhausted grabbed  a nap after he left. Took cleaning + laundry, bought vitamins and a few groceries + went to Child Haven. Worked with Loretta, Charlene, Debbie + Karen on slippers. Had a good time but felt a little guilty about the kids I didn’t work with Went to the office. Mel Close had called + told Dick to get the money out of the bank. John had told him he was going to tie up the bank acct. John had also called several salesmen + said he’d be back in the office on Friday. Had gotten to one very unhappy customer also. Oh dear. I went through the receipted bills files + got 53 addresses of suppliers to notify that John is no longer with the corporation. Addressed + stuffed the envelopes. Came home Dick not home until 8 o’clock. Had cleaned up after the men on the last job as Bill had been on the verge of collapse. They shot two pools today but no more. From now on one a day + a nice yard clean up. We called Mel Close who said to keep the 20,000 cashier’s check until things straightened out. Friday is John’s D-Day. ? What a mess. We went to bed at 10 o’clock or a little after. I got a dear letter from Colby with a check for $1120.00!! (the thousand for Alaria)