Annie’s Birthday.

Up at 6:00 – Not easy Denny over. High wind + according to weatherman going to be worse. Dick cancelled the cement + told Denny to tell the guys to check in later. Back to bed briefly. Then Murray over at 7:30 – They both left at 8:30. I typed up our offer to John – the Cadillac for a year (2020 plus insurance 400) $2,000 cash $50 per bank approved pool (13 as of 4 pm yesterday) 650 – total $5,070. He has a day’s wage coming to him Called Annie to wish her a Happy Birthday. Went to Bank of Nevada. Cashed N.Y. check to send $100 to Bill. Got new corporate cards for the Allstar co. Went to Mel Close’s office Gave him minutes of previous meeting + the real estate [crossed out word] deal which he found unintelligible. Gave him copy of our offer. He thought it very fair. Told him it was our only offer. He gave me a copy of yesterday’s minutes + the original for Dick to sign. Went to the shop for signatures. Took cards back to the bank + got more checks + deposit slips plus the statements for the last month. Put in a stop payment on a check + ordered triplicate voucher checks. Came back + took things over to Xerox to be copied. Didn’t go to Child Haven today but worked at office doing errands etc. The atmosphere – good there today. Everyone happier. Put John’s things in a box – Murray went through his notebook – Strange doodles including JOHN IS THE BOSS!!  Talk about sick! and sad, too. Plans for TV show etc. All in nick of time. We kept hoping Mel Close would call with John’s reaction to the offer but no word – Dick Shaw called while Dick was out + I called him back to tell him the situation. Was glad I did. We went to the Airline bar for a couple of drinks + dinner then over to J + J’s. Ray was there to do the dry wall + shoot! Thank God. Left a little after 9 + came home – half a night cap + bed. Really tired.