26 hrs.

Oh Boy – Big day. Dick off early. I wrote diary + called Jerry MacGruddy. Bill has let the Hotel room go. So that’s good. My circuit wasn’t restored so phone out of commission. Went to Safeway + called phone co. got groceries, bought wool + stopped by bank. Home + washed hair. Called Annabel, Dr. Cassesse, Alice Turner + Bill Carlos. Going to Dr. C’s class thurs. night. Bill Carlos has alot of cards for me. Worked on outline for speech + left house at 11:50. Got to Sahara Nevada club at 12:05. Annabel soon after + Alice one hour for cocktails (!) Had 2. Funny lunch – My talk brief + I hope to the point. Didn’t get a reaction as had to cut out immediately to go to Child Haven for the cards. Home a little after 3. Dick got dressed + shaved + off we went to Mel Close’s office – meeting in conference room. Mel took notes. Dick did beautifully. “We didn’t come here for discussion” said he felt too much money had been spent + moved for John’s dismissal. I seconded it. Murray voted with us, Shirley abstained + that was that. John said he was going to get another member on the board so the votes would be even + Dick told him it was too late. John said he felt his stocks were worth $50,000, Dick said would you give me $50,000 for mine? John said yes + he’d have the money by Friday. He said he didn’t expect this from Dick etc. Talked of legal recourse etc. Shirley + Murray left – we went in to see Mel Close. Came out + John waiting. Went to shop + had locks changed. Moved the office across the hall back. Real Estate man had come with papers for John to sign on a piece of property to be a warehouse site – $2,500 down – $30,000 within 60 days – total $58,500 – strange lease agreement after? Talk about timing. We went over to Alice + Clesse’s + had several drinks + home + had alot more. Called Leon. Sat outside – watched the wind Felt very relieved.