Mother’s Day

Up earlyish – had coffee + did a little deskwork Sent approval Chem. Bank ordered checks. Las Vegas + N.Y. Paid Dr. Shiffman Paid Mortgage on house $350 + started letter to Daddy Dick up briefly I got the paper. Finished letter to Daddy with all the enclosures + went back to bed + made love. We got up + had a bacon + egg breakfast and dressed about 10:30. We wrote Jimmy Judge together. Then went to Wonder World to get a drill bit that Dick needed. Daisy there + I played $4.00 in the machine. (Didn’t have anymore.) Mailed our letters + stuff (8 pieces) + came home. Was really tired. Dick went to work in his shop repairing a tool (which after a trip to Jack’s for a torch) he managed to do. I read + slept. Some kids with horses came by + the dogs went beserk waking me into a foul humor. It passed. Clyde Schruber called from Shirley’s about the brick wall + Dick went over. I bogged down in my C.P.Snow detective story found it largely unreadable so picked up A A Milne’s Red House Mystery + loved it. Especially the introduction. Started a letter to Carl + Sue. John called while Dick was away – honeyed tones – Said the shop had been making alot of money blah blah. I said I’d tell Dick he’d called – Did + Dick said he wasn’t going to return the call – “He’s just going to give me another snow job.” Mom + Cassie called – George might come out here on his vacation – Dick + I went to the Jungle Club for supper + then to see Anne of a thousand days. Loved it. Stopped at office liquors for a nightcap – then home. Call from Leon but all circuits busy. Sat up a little – bed by 11. Big day tomorrow.