Up earlyish – coffee + back to bed made love + did the crossword – Murray called to say Paul was on his way out to pick up some stuff as he’d made a good sale. Coffee with Paul + then got dressed. Elaine called to thank us for the flowers and asked me to a Blvd. Brunch at 9:00 at the Harvest House on Thursday. Annabel called + I read her a very sketchy outline I’d done for a possible reading at the luncheon + she was pleased + said she’d introduce me. Dick went to look at a job and I finally got around to varnishing the shelves. Also stained the stool I got for Dick. Moved the shelves into den + put all the records in it and it really is a vast improvement. Figure it took me about 9 mos. to get around to it! Finished the new Ngaio Marsh + started a mystery by C.P. Snow – his first book + only detective story. We had a sandwich + left for Shirley’s a little before one. Shirley very uptight (for which I hardly blame her) about Monday’s meeting. Very explicit about how to conduct the meeting + the seating etc. And what to do afterwards about new board members etc. (I’m to be sect’y – so I can spend more time there!!!!) Oh dear – but that will get straightened out. Marilyn came (Pat already in the kitchen) + Dick left + we settled down to bridge. Played several hours and Marilyn and I won despite some pretty weird playing. All kinds of little goodies to eat + felt a bit ill when I left. Went by Safeway. Home at 5:20 Dick over at J + J’s. Joined him after calling Leon who was glad of Dick’s move. Had a couple of drinks there + came home. We both called Leon. I fixed dinner Dick ate very little. Then got upset + thought I was nagging which maybe I was. Left the house but thank God sat on the front step. Persuaded him to come back + lie on the lounges which we did until about 10 o’clock + then to bed – Narrowly averted disaster –