1 1/2 child Haven Total – 24 1/2

Elaine Mill’s B’DAY.

Dick up at 5:30 – Marion over about 5:50 – Had coffee. Left at 6:20. I wrote birthday cards to Annie + made her plane reservations Mary Parker + Susan Cleveland w/check for $10. Called Frontier Roseland + had flowers sent to Mom Michels for Mother’s Day, Elaine Mills for Birthday + Liza (“little Mother”) out of guilt. Went to Gloria Marshall’s at 9:10 – Stayed 1/2 hr. Bike + table. Saw Lisa Reid, Judy + Betty weighed 118 which was a loss now of 6 1/2 lbs since I first went back. Wendy here when I got back we chatted a little. I made packages for Mary P. + Annie Sent M.P. a book called “The History of Toys” and sent Annie a History of the Academy Awards + two pocket books – new Ngaio Marsh and The Godfather. Called Eva to say we couldn’t make it tomorrow. Dick + Marion back about 12:15 – Dick has made up his mind to get rid of John. John has now gone + rented an office across the Hall + had ordered phones put in without consulting Dick. Too much. At first I thought just taking away all control + keeping him on as a salesman might do it but Dick says no and on thinking it over I guess he’s right. I took Marion to airport, went to Child Haven Had a lot of children today + it was a little wearing. Am going to start Karen, Loretta, Debbie + Charlene on slippers Tuesday before working with the others. Went by Alice’s but car gone. Picked up groceries + came home. Dick felt like a drink tonight so we had several. Ed Casey over – nice dinner. Shirley called – The Board meeting has been settled for 4 in Mel Close’s office (John’s decision) we’re going to buy him out. Went to bed about 10:30 + read