1-2 hrs. w/typing, letter etc.

C.H. – 1 hr. total 22 hrs.

Dick off a little after 7. I muddled about with housework, Called Timmy – long talk. Worked on Survey results. Boiled down about 3 + got very depressed as I think we’re on the wrong track I tried to reach Annabel all morning without luck Finally took it upon myself to write a letter to Dr. Cassesse telling him how much we were looking forward to having access to his card files. Warmly conciliatory + congratulatory + making it clear that Annabel was in charge of the job and I was only helping out. A high wind outside – as bad as any so far. Called the office + Shirley told me they were shooting out at her house, I took back the survey notes with letter + left them with the sect’y. Looked for Shirley’s place. No luck. Went to Child Haven. Alot of new children. Cute little girl named Debby who’d knitted me a sq already. Little black girl named Loretta who oddly reminded me alot of Rita. Ann had done 3 or 4 sqs. Carol is leaving tomorrow for Ohio so I took her cap home to finish + sew it. Kelley leaving too + blew kisses out the window. Came back via office – met insurance man, Barry Kick, Stopped at Shirley’s place where they’d finished shooting minutes before. Safeway for a few things including Scotch. Put my loose change in the slot machines + hit 777 on a 10¢ machine for $20 and won $25 on a quarter machine. Tipped the girl $3 and left $30 richer plus groceries. Home. Dick tired – he showered. I got dinner things ready – Marion over for dinner at 6:45 We ate about 7:15 – pleasant early evening – Bed exhausted about 10 o’clock.

Annie called and is in L.A. at the Halifax. So looking forward to seeing her.