Dick off about 8 – not feeling at all well. I cleaned out the fridge + got rid of alot of nasty stuff. Paid bills. including interest on Dick’s loan from Household acct. Wrote George Michel’s Birthday card. Got a few days diary caught up. Kept waiting for Marion to call from airport. Dick back to pick up his book. Marion called at 11:30 – went out + got him – stopping for gas – took him to office. Saw Shirley + Murray. They’ve now sold 28 pools. Dick Marion + I went to Showboat to check Marion in + to have lunch. Drove them back to Shirley’s house then went to Post office for stamps + mailed letters. Lee’s office equipment for typing paper, loose leafs + a couple of appt. books. Bank + deposited money. Safeway for groceries. Bought Birthday cards. Home – got things put away, watered lawn, put away laundry. Called Child Haven, Gloria Marshall’s, Alice Turner + Timmy. Made meat balls. Dick home at 5:00. Tired but nothing done yet. 28 pools sold. Seven holes in the ground, none shot, only one measured yet + it was off. (Dick got a transit (?) today to measure.) The way this should be working at some future time is one pool should be being dug while another is shot + one plumbed another is steeled , another tiled another decked! At the moment the office organization for huge outlay + little income is like the U.N. While the construction end which should be bringing in the huge income is a one-man proposition – Dick ate very lightly and to my surprise I threw up most of what I ate. As I’d thought I was feeling better – it must be tension. We went to bed early. Read Godfather – engrossing, brutal book.