C.H. 21 1/2

Felt pretty awful. Dick left about 8 – I lolled around a little. Got house straightened up a bit. Alice Turner called – Nice chat. I wrote Jim Parker w/check for $200. Sent $20 to Bill at the hospital + a $100 c/o Jerry MacGruddy. Annabel over about 10:30. Went over some material here + then went to the University to Dr. Casses. He wasn’t there but we found the survey results + went through them pulling the ones that seemed possible sources of employment. He came in + seemed a little surprised but the coolness wore off. We took about 20 to copy. There are a great many more we didn’t see but will later. Had very pleasant lunch at Village pub. Then home at 2:00. Dick here + drinking + I persuaded him without too much difficulty to let me empty what was left down the sink. I think he’s really overwhelmed at all there is to do – a little like the exam (He said “I’m scared, Punkin”) But it’s not going to get done this way. We napped + then had soup + then made love + then had some dinner. Bed about 11 after a ghastly Elvis P. picture. Marion is coming up tomorrow. I’ve got to give Dick all the support I can and the right way –