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Awoke (came to?) at around 6 am – Felt Dick getting up – “Going down to clean up the store Punkin” Well nothing for it but good Punkin wife has to come along + help. Both of us still drunk. We went down + found 3 unopened bottles and an unopened case of Cold Duck. The place was a mess but Dick assured me it was “taken care of professionally” so off we went in the Ford which we’d had the presence of mind to leave last night Went to J + J’s – no sign of life (now about 7) swung back by our house which looked cold so back to J + J’s + roused them up. Jack hungover Joyce unhappy with Jack (I gather he’d been carried out yesterday) + she couldn’t have been any too pleased with us. We had 7 bottles there (Joyce drinking coffee) Joyce talked about their splitting up which was very unhappy making when I later got to think of it. Next stop Ed + Casey’s Ed had come by yesterday but missed us. Betty Isom there More cold duck there. Home about noon – rested on the floor for a while. Called Daddy – oh the sheer glory of it all. Spoke too with Cotton – her lovely Aunt + Uncle. Went back to J + J’s. Somehow Joyce had rustled up a dinner that may well have saved our lives. Took a cab to the Hacienda with $100 from the sugar bowl. Dick won + lost but I won + we took a cab to the airline bar for a night cap – had 2 old fashioned. Took a cab home + returned $95 to sugar bowl which was pretty damn lucky. Bed next – First fully sensible move of a lost day.