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– Grand opening Allstar –

Called Rich Stanley for Jackie’s brothers name (Louis Wilson) Called Tropicana + invited him + Belle Davis. Made the dips – Clam dip not easy as mix had congealed. Went to pick up Wendy. Blvd. She got some makeup for Shirley + I bought more garlands, mustard dishes, fancy pen etc at Hallmark’s. Went to shop. Wendy went home for punch bowl, bought punch, mustard etc. While I worked at putting up garlands. Left at 2:00 – dirty + messy – back to Hallmarks – Wendy home. House at 3:00. Ate sandwich, washed hair, ironed skirt madeup Dick home at 4:00. Showered shaved + both back at 4:45. Shirley dressing in john so no way to decorate it. Sent kids out for food, made coffee – People arrived right at 5 and never stopped coming. Only pool people there were Tropicana. Bill Gardner undoubtedly home with Bettye. Howard Werner stopped by early – Annabel + Jack, Pat + Tom, Dr. + Mrs. Bentley, Mel Close all came. Judy + Larry, Hime Robeson, Betty + Bob Robertson, WMK, Rick Vandenberg – George Irene, Jack + Joyce, Phil, [crossed out letters] Freddie + Billie, The Morrises, Fluhardy’s – Becks, Wendy + Denny, Bob Ellis, Mac McKinney, the Garretts The Gills, Eva + Walt, Lisa + Fred Reid, The Grubes, Carl + Marsha, The Linebaughs, Elaine Mills, Olga + Morley + God knows how many others. Ralph Christianson was a surprise showing up with wife Carol. The models were great + kept the cold duck flowing (I was calling it Red Dog by the end of the evening!) Also thank God I found out the glasses were being thrown away so hauled them out of the garbage and washed them with help from Marty + Linda. I don’t remember the end of the party at all. But what I do remember was very successful + I think I lasted until after everyone arrived at least. (Dick says we left at 10 o’clock (party scheduled from 5 – 9) Didn’t eat –