Dick let me sleep and I woke at 8:35 feeling it must be noon!! The extra hour and a half did me a world of good and I got alot done. Called Jack Giasulio who was on his way over to see Bill. Told me Bill was on + off unconscious. The hotel had called an ambulance to take him to the hospital on Wednesday. Also spoke with Jerry MacGruddy who’d already seen Bill + was seeing him again tonight. Neither thought Bill would get out of the hospital. Sent flowers to him + Eva Jenkins. Spoke with Julia Mullen – brought her up to date. I spent most of the day doing invitations – large part of it detective work as so many numbers are unlisted. In the afternoon I wrote Bill c/o Jack + enclosed $100 in cash. Told him I would send two more installments. Sent $150 to M.P.S. and $200 to Smith. Paid Equity dues Lazaro Mendoza. Went to Child Haven to give Carol her knitting + saw some of the other children. Anne gave me 4 squares + Kelley had one for me. Went to the cleaners + laundry + bought groceries home at 6:00 – Dick home soon after – He was in a very high strung + tired mood – gave him some excedrin + after a couple of drinks he calmed down. I did some ironing + we got a few more names + addresses. He can’t get anyone to work for him right now and the situation is really bad. Suggested he call Marion + see if he could bring in a crew. Marion promised to try Nice dinner + watched some TV – Bed about 11:00 Tomorrow is Mother’s birthday and I would like to do something to mark it.