The wind incredible!! The whole house shaking Dick down to the shop about 11:30 to work on pool. He + Bob Keegan back to pick up something. I did several loads of laundry and then went out to Boulder City. Stopped at a shop en route + got some “glow-globs” a sort of phosphorescent putty for Vanessa + Ellis. St. Judes a sort of oddly unfinished – type place. A Father Keeley in charge + alot of English Sisters from Bristol. Saw Vanessa + her roommate Charlene – an older girl too named Christy (?). Ellis alot more somber than Vanessa. Went to a drugstore + got him a transistor battery. Gave the sisters $10 for pocket money for them. Felt very inadequate. Came home via Henderson + the Eldorado club where I lost at 21. Not much but I lost. Home at 5 – Dick still at work. Bill called – he’s back in St. Vincent’s. Wanted me to call Jack Giasulio + Jerry MacGruddy Tried but all circuits busy. Dick not home til 7:30. Went over to J + J’s for ice + stayed for a few drinks – Home to soup + muffins + watched interesting Susskind show on Celibacy in the Catholic Priesthood. A Mr. Bianchi (lapsed priest) – + a Father Kennedy extremely impressive.