Woke exhausted. Was going to go back to bed when Dick called to tell me a pool supply delivery truck was coming out to put some stuff in our garage. Denny put Jimmy Judge’s car behind + they unloaded some 28 pieces. Not very bulky. I called St. Jude’s + talked to a lovely Englishwoman who told me Vanessa seemed to be adapting a little better than Ellis but was terrified of some dogs they have there. I decided to go out tomorrow afternoon but asked her not to tell the children in case something interfered. I cut out my picture from the paper + pottered about a bit. Went out + ended up going to the Landmark Tower + playing 21. Lost track of time as watch stopped and it was 4:30 when I took stock. Some $80 richer. Called Dick, got gas for the car + groceries. Put a single quarter in the slot machine at the Safeway + hit a $12.50 jack pot. Left there $10 richer. Came home. Dick had had a few. We called J + J who’d been to the lake + were exhausted + enroute to bed (at 6 pm!) We had barbecue steak + then watched Khartoum on TV. Much diminished but for all that a fascenating film. Bed at 12:30 after setting all the clocks ahead an hour. Betty Roberts daughter called in the morning about a surprise Birthday party for her Mother on the 24th of May. I started a white cap for Carol at Child Haven + caught her up + then some.