C.H. 18

Woke with hangover but all the information for our party – $250.00 for chips + dips + champagne glasses and 6 cases of Cold Duck. Spoke with Shirley + then John – Dick home + evidently John had said he’d fire anyone who voted against him. Unfortunately for him he can’t + he can be fired. Went to pick up Elaine with splitting head – went to both banks enroute. Over to Desert Inn. Wm. Trevilla’s fashons. They had to be the ugliest dresses I’ve seen in a long time + the audience reaction seemed to indicate I was not alone in my feelings. Elaine alot of fun to be with. Took her back + went to Child Haven. Vanessa + Ellis have gone to St. Jude’s and Eartha, Victor + Zoby have all gone in a foster home. I felt very unhappy over their being split up like that. [crossed out letters] Carol’s knitting has disappeared so I promised to catch her up to where she was. Ann doing very well. Went to Allstar – they’d just brought in a cash register for $1300. Talked over party a little + Then had several drinks with them and a really nice time. Dick drove me home with a stop at Albertson’s for liquor + groceries. Had a pizza for dinner. I was tired + we went to bed early.