Odd sort of day – In the morning got bills paid – Phone bill – sorted out all the various calls ($109 for Bill + re Bill) Paid Power + gardener. Made reservations for Royal Gambit tonight – later cancelled. Went to Woolworth’s + bought a large supply pf needles. Went over to B. Dalton + bought some thises + thats + saw Elaine who’d just had her Tarot cards read + was converted. Went to Allstar to get Dick for lunch. Took his good clothes for Lawyers appt. Shirley showed me an invitation to a grand opening party and I suggested some changes – “beautiful bathing suit models will serve you” (ugh) to Beautiful mermaids to serve you (not much better but not quite as tasteless) Also they’re having a drawing for a hundred dollar bill. I feel John might have talked some of this over with somebody. It’s too much. Dick + I had lunch down town + I told him I was going to ask for approval on the copy that goes out of the office. I mentioned this to John in Mel Close’s outer office he told me he’d been an honor student at the university of Indiana. Blah Blah. Went on + signed papers. Dick is chairmen of the board + there must be a board meeting anytime an expenditure of a thousand dollars is concerned. There are 5 members of the board – Dick, John, Murray, Shirley + I – (vice president) 3 out of 5 is a quorum. There can be no meeting without Dick. Went back to Allstar + found John had changed wording back on invitations. I was so upset I came home + lay down + cried + read Pola Negri’s book. Dick home at 6 – Had had a board meeting in office + voted John down on $3500 worth of telephone advertising he was signing up for!!! Without consulting anyone only an hour after agreeing to the $1000 limit in Mel Close’s office. The man is insane. We went out to the omni-deck restaurant at Hughes exec. terminal. Bartender Bill Crumrine was a great + glorious help on Party information