C.H. 16 hrs.

Up at 8:00 – Dick off. I wrapped Pkge for Ethel, wrote her a card + paid Am. Express bill for $532 used 2 checks (N.Y. + Nevada). Washed hair + took bath + put on makeup. Wendy over at 9:15 to take me to gas station for car. Also mailed pkges + letter for me. Car running beautifully (How long?) Called Alice Turner + went down there to pick up her pie + give her an apple crumb + wine + return book. Her lemon meringue was still in the making. I helped whip the meringue + it was heavy labor. Took 5 pies to Mesquite club. The lemon sloshed a little on the ride but came back after a sit in the fridge. I helped with the raffle – sold tickets for both raffles + announced winners in second raffle. Didn’t feel it had been properly organized. Fashion show was late and hung up the 1st seating. We sold (Lucy F + I ) $167.00 worth of Raffle tickets. Jim Carmany + Judge Mendoza the first winners in the two drawings. Saw to talk to a bit – Lucille Annabel – got to know Mavis Fisher whom I like – + Mary Louise Perkowski – Ate a standing lunch – Shirley + friends Pat Garrett and Marilyn Morgan came at 1:00. Saw Lisa Reid too but no time to talk. We played Bridge til 3:15 – fun. Shirley called the office + John wanted her back so that was that. We both bought some liquor for $4 a bottle when they closed the bar. Helped in the kitchen. Called the Salvation Army for left over food – 3 huge kettles of beans, big box of garlic bread about 4 gallons of salad and some barbecue beef. Felt very happy about that was home at 5:30. Phone bill for $242!! Power bill. Dick home at 6 – we played some cards. Had dinner + went to bed + watched TV.