weighed 117 this am but was absolutely starved as well as a little hungover. Made 5 pies and had three on the upper shelf which got burnt – grand. Two on lower shelf beautiful. Called Daddy + had lovely chat – he sounds great. Ethel out of the hospital. Her birthday on the 24th. Daddy hopes to come out in June. Called Newcomb as I couldn’t find his letter. They’re coming out on the 21st of May for the weekend. I took two luncheon tickets over to Jan Goldsmith and then cashed a check for $100. I won $50 at Black jack + left. Went to Keno Lane + picked up pkge from Leon. Postage + insurance cost $435! The wind just terrible Drove to Safeway – went to Sprouse Reitz for wool + to Savon Drug where I bought a purse, a wallet + some perfume for Ethel’s B’day. Tried to start the Ford + the damn thing wouldn’t go. Called Dick who came out to pick me up. I bought groceries + had low cal plate at Safeway. The Battery was dead. He drove me home in the truck. I called Child Haven to say I couldn’t come in now until Thursday. I took a nap and then put two more pies in the oven. Took the two burnt (not badly just dark brown) pies over to the Isom’s + Casey + Ed. Betty away so I guess Clark + the boys glad to have it. Home at six 2 new pies perfect. Dick home. Opened pkge – cookies + bread + perfume + ties + candy + a dice shaped thermometer! I put roast in and we played cards. It’s been a long time since we did. Good dinner – watched some TV – I wound wool into balls + went to bed at 10:00. Watched a little more TV + I read Pola Negri’s book. Lights out around eleven.