Well – Busy day + alot accomplished Did Sauna Belt early. Went to see Mel Close whom I liked. His idea is to issue the stock + have it assigned to me until the debt is paid which would give me plenty of control. He also suggested I make both Dick + John responsible for the entire debt + that they only draw commissions at the present + not salaries. I felt both suggestions too stringent + said I’d leave things as they are. Went over to Allstar had coffee w/Shirley + gave her the extra ticket Told Dick + John the arrangement. We’re all three going to Mel Close’s office on Thursday. Went by Norma Laub’s + dropped off socks + $20.00 + picked up extra tickets. Wonder World – called Wendy who came with bus to carry chaise longe. Saw Daisy. Stopped at Bank + deposited $100.00. Went to Safeway for groceries. Home. Wendy + I cleaned out dogs room + shop + I stained shelves. I also went to Review Journal + got 5 copies of yesterday’s paper. Started letter to Mary Haas Dick home at six. Had his physical today + aside from being overweight (Dr. B said lose 20 lbs) + having therefore slightly increased blood pressure he’s in excellent shape. He got his contractor’s license today. SO pleased + proud. We went to pick up the VW + then went over to Jack + Joyce’s to show them the license + had 3 [crossed out letters] scotch’s with them. Came home + had several more drinks. Dick had a TV dinner + I went without dinner as I decided to drink my calories. All I ate today was 2 pkges of metrecal cookies Am going to lose weight if it kills me. Dick got annoyed at me but quickly smoothed over. Watched a little TV in bed.

I called Bill today but too sick to talk