Dick up and off about 7:45 – “for 20 minutes” – went to get Jack to take the car over to the Enco Station for new battery cables. Said he wouldn’t have a drink at J + J’s. Well – technically the truth. He + Jack went to the Valley Bar + came home around 10:30. I’d talked with Joyce in between + she was bugged too. I typed out washing instructions + display note for socks + put in a box. Dick took a nap. Fixed him brunch about one o’clock + he fixed himself another drink. George Jr. by + I suggested he go see Murray Levine about a Salesman’s job this summer. Dick woke just before he left. Lay out in the sun for a bit after lunch. Dick said he was going to “get rid of John Carpenter, dump him” + I told him I was lending the money to both of them. I wish I knew how to handle the situation. I think that Dick’s judgement originally was basically correct although he thought John was so damn great that it was ludicrous. Now he’s gone all the way in the other direction which is just as ludicrous. He was on + off the phone to Murray about 5 times. He said he was going to Mel Close’s with me tomorrow + I said I’d cancel the appt. That I should go by myself. 3 boys went by in back with bows + arrows + I told them not to shoot at the rabbits. Dick came out yelled at them to “keep walking – + don’t ever come back or you’ll get a bullet in your back!” – talk about extremes. He then went to take the VW to the station. Gone an hour and a half – via Jack + Joyce’s – came in + lay down. I finished 2 more Green Knowe books. Was very upset so went out + weeded the driveway. Bob Raner (The boys’ father drove in to see what had happened + I apologized – it was good of him to come.) Dick had a very light dinner + went to bed at 7:30. I went in + talked with him for a while. I want to handle this right but I’m not sure how.