C.H. total 14 hrs.

Leisurely rising. Dick down to the shop at 8:30 with pipe. I worked on socks – finished one – the other one later. Called Alice who was out. Went to Child Haven. Both Nancy + Carol out on R.A. Worked with Laurie, Ann (who finished a square for me + is doing very well) Eartha + Vanessa. New girl named Becky. Was there a little over 2 hours as Carols cap was in a muddle + I fixed it. Left thread with Vanessa to give Nancy. Went to Safeway at Dessert Inn for groceries. Home. Dick + Denny gone. Coolers fixed + front door screen really beautiful. (positive side) Alot of dirt under the cooler vents (unavoidable) A sizeable amt. of booze gone (negative + highly avoidable) Dick over at J + J’s. Message on service for Denny that Wendy was in emergency hospital with nosebleed. Tried to find Denny but couldn’t. Tina called. Dick home and on his way with the booze. I went over to Sunrise with $33.00 to bail Wendy out. Had tea with her + Gay + came home. The drinking is really upsetting to me. Took a cigarette out of Dick’s hand as he snored away in the den. Fixed raw vegetables, lamb, eggplant casserole, potatos for dinner. When Dick awake told him how I felt. I am SO tired of hearing tomorrow is a new day crap. I vacuumed around under vents, washed + blocked socks. J + J over about 7 or so. Now they’ve taken Spot to the dump. I’m very fond of Jack + Joyce but I don’t think they ought to have a dog. Good dinner played poker after they left around eleven I cleaned while Dick had “just one more” – and that’s something I’m getting pretty sick of hearing. Picture in the review journal -(“Mrs. Richard MIEHELS”) Grand.