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The astronauts of Apollo 13 landed safely

Day all screwed up but I guess a good one from Dick’s point of view at least. They sold a couple more pools and John is in agreement with the financial arrangements. I went to Mel Close’s office at 11 o’clock + waited an hour and a half – he’d forgotten the appt. Made another for Monday at 10:00. I wrote TWA re refund. Wendy came + cleaned the house which was genuinely dirty thanks to the sand + the dogs shedding season. I brushed 6 brushes of hair off Barkis + we vacuumed him. I went to Gloria Marshall’s + I went shopping. knitted + read. Wendy home about 4:30. Was reading when the dogs started barking – looked out + there was a sherriff’s car. Heart in mouth I went out – “Nothing wrong” – they wanted to ask some questions. They came in + it seems a body was discovered up over the little hill. Had we heard anything? Seen anything unusual. I’d seen the cars + deputies there on the road this morning + hadn’t known what had happened. Didn’t notice anything unusual last night. Later when Dick came in he told me a body had been dumped in the road. Discovered at 6 am. Shot in the head + chest. But killed somewhere else. A man in his 30’s as yet unidentified. It rained briefly and there was a sudden sharp + transient rainbow over sunrise mountain. Dinner + TV. Almost through with socks. Mary + Les called. David + Debby there + anxious to come to Vegas this summer on their way back East. David has been accepted by the English Dept at Yale. Such an honor + so proud of him. Bed at 10 –