Dick off a little after 8 – Denny over before I called Tony Melia and gave him Carolyn’s number. I’m covered – $50 deductible. Called Norma Laub – Her husband was sick last night so she hadn’t found out about tickets. Bill came to cut the lawn + he was sick so told him to put it off til next week. Spoke with Pat who doesn’t play bridge. Wrote Bill Wellborne + sent him $50 worth of cash – 30 to come off his check + $20 to buy a radio. Called airlines + have to write for refund. Wrote Daddy + sent him the Allstar ad + one of Dick’s cards. Did a batch of laundry. Took letters to Keno Lane + went to Allstar to have lunch with Shirley. Ate at the Macayo – Vegas. I had a low cal plate + we each had a marguerita. I’m going to see Mel Close + ask him to draw up a note for both corporate responsibility + individual responsibility. Also see about not having any stock issued until the loan is paid off. That way there is some control + some protection for the money. Told Dick who’s in complete agreement and made the appt. for tomorrow at 11. Went to the Safeway + got groceries + then to Gloria Marshall’s for 40 minutes. Came home at 4:15 – The house is a mess and getting beyond me. Will be glad when this luncheon with socks + pies is over. I lay down + read for a bit. Dick home – had stopped at T.J.’s + met the contractor for the Glenaire tract – may get some 8 or so pools out of it. Had a drink right away + I began to stiffen up a bit. Did some ironing Had good dinner (pork chops for dick – Diet for me. ) Watched a little TV + talked some. Dick now very anti-John – the pendulum swings – “King Farouk” – I said I thought once the loan was paid off the original 50-50 had to stand. Bed about 10 –