Early as usual – Dick off at 7:15 – I worked on socks + took off for the Bonding Co. at 8:20. Met Dick there + signed the necessary papers. Went over to Evas for a very pleasant visit. So much to talk about. Walt had a very narrow escape with an auto accident in March – broke his elbow, several ribs + badly bruised but the seat belt saved him. I told Eva about Lisa Reid who’s looking for a tutor for her 2 children and I asked Eva to the luncheon on Dick’s tickets. She wrote a note for me in German to Leuse. I left at 11:30 + went over to the shop. Had coffee + yogurt with Dick. Then went to Gloria Marshall’s – weighed 120 1/2 – Loss of 3 1/2 lbs. As I’m being very good it didn’t seem like much. Bought some groceries + came home. Was really beat this afternoon. knitted + read “Children at Green Knowe.” A charming book. (one of the set I bought yesterday.) crocheted ends of socks and finished toe on the first. Called Norma Laub about more tickets + she doesn’t have any. Said she’d let me know but then never called back. Dick home at 6:30. Had been entertaining a crew + was worse for wear. It annoyed me He made some phone calls + then took a nap. I charbroiled our steaks on the barbecue. Really good + Dick ate all of his. [crossed out word] Phone rang and it was Carolyn Brown to tell me someone had backed into the garage door + wrecked it. Will call Tony Melia in the morning. Dick went out into the den to listen to Elvis records. Bill called + I talked with him quite a while. He needs a little cash as Jerry MacGruddy who has his money is out of town. Also I think he just needed to talk to someone. I went to bed about 10:30 – leaving Dick out in the den.