C.H. Total 12 hrs.

Dick off about 8:00 I went to Safeway + bought groceries. Had to wait while they cut the veal so played the machines + lost $10. Expensive piece of veal. Off to Gloria’s. Judy introduced me to Lisa Reid who wants a pool. I liked her. Gave her Dick’s card + a sales pitch. Also sold her 2 tickets to the luncheon and told her about the Children’s Service Guild. Will take her to next meeting. Betty Robertson who’s in charge of the salon also bought 2 tickets and is also interested in a pool. Whee. Went over to B. Dalton + saw Elaine. The place looks great. She’s going to get some tickets too. Offered my assistance if things ever get too much. Her Uncle + Aunt interested in a pool too. Double Whee! Bought a set of children’s books I’d never heard of that look good. Home. Watered lawn, Did dishes, knitted etc. Pete McKay over to take pix of the cars for insurance policy. Went to Child Haven Carol well started on her cap. Vanessa’s slippers got ripped out. Eartha had lost wool + needles so wouldn’t let her knit today. Little fat boy named Randy knitted a bit – disastrous. New girl named Ann got a good start + is interested. Went by shop + had coffee with Dick. The pool now tied + is beginning to look like a pool. Went over to Alice’s + took copy of Lion returned a book + left a bottle of wine. Didn’t stay as others were arriving simultaneously Home. Sauna belt + fixed veal parmiagian for Dick. Diet for me. Called Eva seeing her tomorrow. Talked with Judy who’s going to push the pool bit – knitted + watched TV – Mod Squad + The Over the Hill Gang again Such a charming show.