Sand Storm

Trouble on Apollo 13 space flight – they’re coming back without landing.

Up early I decided to call Julia Mullen about the money. They need $25,000 to squeak by and I decided to ask for $30,000 – 29 for them and one for me. I called + it can be raised Julia will write out a demand note for $54,000 from Allstar pools. Needless to mention she was a little appalled at the 50-50 business. But she agreed with me that at least this way Dick has his house + can’t be wiped out. Blah Blah Blah. Called Shirley but its two days before final tax day and she’s swamped in the tax office. I called Dick to tell him we were okay. Too late to do anything about the stock. I finished pattern on 2nd sock then had to go back to fix mistakes. The wind about 35 miles an hour. Couldn’t see 50 yards with the sand blowing. Did sauna belt but didn’t go to Gloria Marshall’s. Shaved legs + arms + washed hair. Put on makeup + went to Child Haven. Took Carol + Nancy yarn and gave Norma money for 2 tickets plus Alice Turner’s CCA Points. Pictures were a matter of minutes. Driving down was scary at places I couldn’t see 2 feet ahead of me. Really bad storm. Went to bank to deposit money + to Safeway for groceries the house full of fine talcum like sand. Just after I got back Jimmy Judge appeared. Ready to [crossed out word] take off. He’s leaving the purple car with some stuff in it + keys + registration. Hope all goes as he hopes. I called Bill Wellborne and we chatted a while he sounds alot better mentally at least. Spoke with Alice Turner. She’s got a waitress at the Bonduza Country Club who saves stubs for her! Dick home at 7:30. Display pool cut + the steel tied We had a very good talk about the money + the business + I think Murray will act as a sort of brake too on John. I no longer have any qualms.