Stayed in bed late. I knitted some while Dick slept. Coffee and paper and love in bed – up around noon. Dick off to meet Marion at WMK and to pick up groceries. I did my Sauna belt exercises and then left it on while I made bed, did dishes etc. Just having breakfast when Jimmy Judge appeared. He’s heard from the boys and is off to N.Y. and then South America. Will leave one car with his things here. Dick home + he + Jimmy went over to J+J’s to get some wire cutters. Back + Dick had sandwich – Jimmy off. Dick bought me a lovely lounge for the sun. He worked on cooler. Got a call from Norma Laub asking if I could be at Child Haven tomorrow for pictures. Said yes. (I’m a second shift – the first were in a spread for the Sun) Casey called + Neva + Herman were over there + wanted to come see us. I went across to welcome them. Casey + Ed + Casey’s Dad + Neva + Herman. We all (me included) had drinks and a really nice time. Neva very happy in Laguna – Herman homesick. Casey left early + the rest left about 45 minutes later. I cleaned up while Dick went for more bourbon. We had lobster tails which Dick fixed for dinner + watched TV I fell asleep about 10 o’clock. Off my diet this evening but not wildly. The Isoms sold their house last night and I guess are very happy – We reminded Herman of the “adjoining property” –