Up about 8:30 or so. talked in bed for a bit – Denny here at 9. High wind. I worked on second sock + got pattern started Made out check for insurance ($112) Went down to office at 11:45. The display pool not yet cut. I took keys over to Kresges for duplicates. Met Marion’s girlfriend Dixie. Liked her. Wrote birthday card to Cotton at the office. They’re selling pools like crazy which is good news except I don’t want them to overreach themselves (croak croak) Jack there putting in vents. Dick + I had coffee + lunch for him next door. I went to grants for more wool + The Charleston Safeway for 2 bell peppers. A fire at the Stardust and the fire captain killed. Details unclear Went to Safeway at Tropicana for groceries + came home. My Sauna belt arrived + I was in the process of trying it when Ed Kulick came over with the pkge from Lee Wards. A little hard to explain. I took Russell’s painting to the Hobby Shop + didn’t leave it. Didn’t like the guy’s attitude + would have to wait a month. Fixed stuffed pepper for [crossed out letters] Dick and the same old low cal plate for me. My American Express bill came – $530. Good Lord. Dick home around 6. The pool now at least ready to cut We had dinner + J+J came over at 8 to play cards. Early evening as all exhausted. Ed Kulick said Herman + Neva had been by + Herman would give us back our money immediately for the house. No chance but I don’t blame him.