Commissioner hearing 1 3/4

Total 10 1/2 hrs.

Denny over at 7:40. He + Dick off after we’d called Marion + I’d said I’d like to meet Dixie – Blah Blah Blah Called Julia Mullen to say I needed $500. Made out Shiffman’s check. Knitted. Left house at 9:50 for Court house. Got there about 10:25. Alice, Cathleen Cochran, Annabel Miller, Scotty Haven + 6 or 7 others there. Commissioners didn’t appear until 12 noon Business over shortly after + extremely inconclusive. Stopped by All Star – Dick not there. Chatted with John. Went to Gloria Marshall’s. Met Jerry Liston (Sonny L’s wife) liked her. Gave Judy a stack of All star cards. Went to bank + deposited $200 from Dick. Went to store for groceries Came home. Really tired. Wendy just finishing up. Shirley called – needed information for the application for Master-Pool-Swim Quip franchise – “Hobbies” – “Schools” Social Clubs etc. Unbelievable! Then spoke to Dick who came in while we were talking. Needs more money! After Wendy left I called Bill as per promise + we talked a while. He said he’d like to come out here when he was feeling better – “in a few months” It’s sort of like Mother and the miner’s caps. I said I’d have to clear it with Dick but I tried not to be at all negative. I don’t think he’s going to live that long but I hate banking on it. It seems so wrong. Oh Shit. Dick home – said he’s going to mortgage the house as they need more money. I was upset + I cried but was over it quickly. My only feeling + it’s been one from the beginning. is that they’ve spent too much too soon. But I can see that having started, they can’t [crossed out words] stop Oh Hell. Knitted + watched TV + collapsed about 10 o’clock.