C.H. [crossed out numbers] 5 3/4

Busy day – Did laundry – didn’t get to Gloria Marshall’s til almost 10 o’clock. Can feel the difference already and am being good with diet. Bought some stationery for Barbara Simmons – the child who’s off to Caliente + some groceries. Home – called Norma Laub about socks + Alice Turner to see if I might stop by to show my blanket for Dick. Paid Dr. Gelfand for Bill ($75) rent at the Van Rensslaer ($170) and the mortgage here ($250) Went to Child Haven with the blanket – everyone very pleased – and Vanessa’s scarf for Miss Williams and the stationery. Barbara unfortunately was in detention before going off. Miss Williams seemed to feel she really shouldn’t be sent there but that “there’s no other place for her.” She promised me she’d get the stationery and stamps. Carol going to knit a cap and Vanessa is going to try some slippers. Told Nancy I’d get her some navy wool for a stole. Left at 3:45. Went by Alice’s for 5 minutes to show blanket + sox. Mailed checks + came home. Bill from Dr. Schiffman for $125.00. Collect call from Bill at St. Vincent’s. He was checking out + I said I’d call him tomorrow. We talked for a bit – this is going to keep on happening I guess and all I can do is be reassuring. Fixed Dick a TV dinner and I had hamburger and cottage cheese. Watched TV knitted + went to bed. So tired. Commissioner’s hearing tomorrow at 10:15