total 23 hrs

1 hr. w/Bill Carlos

Dick off about 7:30 – I finished fixing up a little purse Debbie had knitted – Spoke with Annabel + read her letter. Spoke with Lucy Foley + Alice Turner who has several people to take to luncheon. Called Cathleen Cochrane + Lisa Reid. Dick back briefly. I left at 10. Took cap to Carol + purse to Debby. Loretta had a square for me (little black Rita) Gave cigar boxes to Miss Linda – Went over + saw Bill Carlos – had an hour with him + think I persuaded him to go to Dr. Cassesse’s class tonight. Outlined our plans. When I left + was getting in the car he came out of the building called “Mrs. Michels’ – Thank your husband for me.” I said for what? the invitation? + he said “No, for you.” Well that made my day. I went to Vegas Village + registered to vote. Bought 4 pairs of needles. Went to Von Tobels + bought wood finish + brush. Went to W.O.W. + saw Daisy + got an unfinished stool for Dick’s shop. Home + had something to eat. Out again around 2:30 or 3:00. Went to the B’way and got a dozen prs. of needles + some crochet hooks then to B. Dalton where I bought $93 worth of books on sale. About 10 xmas presents + birthday gifts for Annie + Mary Parker as well as a big lot for us. Went to Drugstore for eye pads + Safeway for groceries. Home by 5:30 – Dick fixing the cooler. Called + made reservations for Cathleen + myself for the luncheon Monday. Called Annabel + told her about talk w/Bill Carlos. Told her I’d asked him to ask the class if anyone would like to work with us + help us. Dick + I lay out on our lounges in the dusk it was lovely – peaceful + calm. After fairly light dinner we went to bed early. It’s really great when we aren’t drinking – which reminds me – we had a letter from Daddy with no mention of our phone call!!!!